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About Us

What if you were guaranteed results and the best possible Return on Marketing Investment available?

In summary there are 5 things that set Strategic Marketing Services apart from the rest you can see the quick fact sheet here

1) Our no-nonsense Performance Based Marketing Investment Model ensures the best possible Return on Marketing Investment on your marketing activities.

2) We have very significant multichannel marketing experience from working with more than 1500 brands and more than 30% of the Fortune Top 500 companies over the course of more than 10 years.

3) Truly global! We work with clients across the globe and plan, execute and measure campaigns anywhere on the planet

4) Perfect synergy between marketing communications, data, and technology. Hundreds of marketing communications, data, and technology experts will support you and help you leverage data and technology for better results.

5) Deep domain expertise: Strategic Marketing Services have deep domain expertise from more than 25 different industries. You’ll quickly understand how that benefits our relationship.

There are many reasons why CMOs and VPs of Marketing love us (and we them), but most important is our result orientated approach.

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Whether you seek to increase ROMI or drive higher efficiencies at lower costs, Strategic Marketing Services is your committed partner.

Because Strategic Marketing Services employs more than 1,000 marketing, technology and sales experts, you don’t need to worry about our competencies. They are wide and deep. And continue to evolve. We understand the importance of Return on Marketing Investment. That’s why we offer our no-nonsense Performance Based Marketing Investment Model. Getting results through marketing, data & technology is ingrained in our DNA.

Award-winning marketing services

Honestly, we don’t really care much for awards unless they are measured on results. That doesn’t mean we haven’t won any. We’ve won plenty. Go here to see some of the awards won by Strategic Marketing Services recently.

Right time revenue optimization

Strategic Marketing Services is the leader in right time revenue optimization services for B2B and B2C enterprises, offering the only suite of demand generation services that combines customer intelligence with multi-channel marketing campaigns at the right time in the customer life cycle.

Delivered through our Performance Based Marketing Investment Model, Strategic Marketing Services continually meets the evolving marketing needs of our customers by driving tens of millions of customer interactions resulting in hundreds of thousands of buying opportunities across industries each year.

Our background explains our’s and our clients’ success

Strategic Marketing Services is part of Champions Group. The company was established in the year 1999 in USA and 2003 in India. It was founded with the aim of helping companies do marketing in an organized and innovative manner.

Since our inception, we've transformed from a firm that helps clients achieve their business goals, to one that helps clients surpass their business goals through effective marketing and technology solutions.

Significant experience makes master

With over a decade of experience in 360 degree marketing consulting and implementation, we have serviced over 1500 SMBs, large-scale businesses and more than 30 percent of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide to transform their brand presence and boost ROI.

We’d love to talk to you to see how we can assist you to create your next success.

Want to talk to us today?

We’d love to hear from you. Just click here to contact us today


Fast Facts

As a committed partner, Strategic Marketing Services has services specifically designed to increase ROMI and improve your business outcome.

We employ over 1,000 marketing professionals, market strategists, and sales experts. Our greatest strength lies in higher adoption of nascent marketing channels like mobile, social and email.

And on top of that, we offer you no-nonsense Performance Based Marketing Investment Model. This level of preparedness is done by merging our three main services; marketing, data & technology.

Company Overview:

Chairman & CEO : Subhakar Rao
Ownership : Privately held since 1999
Number of employees : Marketing Services 350 | Group: 1,800
Annual capitalized billings : USD 25 Million
Locations : USA, UK, Australia, India
Specialty : End to end marketing outsourcing services


Oracle, IBM, KSRTC, Covidien, BayMedical, FutureMedicine, Infor... Click here to see the complete list

Award Winning Marketing Services

Each year we receive honors at different marketing, branding and advertising awards. These awards speak of the best marketing minds and recognize the effective use of our overall digital marketing initiatives. Click to see the top awards won by Strategic Marketing Services.

Right Time Revenue Optimization

Strategic Marketing Services’ up-to-date data gives you unparalleled understanding of your customers and markets. It gives marketers like you a chance to target the right customer base and improve conversion.

Our Growth

Strategic Marketing Services is part of Champions Group. The company was established in 1999 in USA and 2003 in India. It was founded with the aim of helping companies do marketing in an organized and innovative manner.

Since our inception, we've transformed from a firm that helps clients achieve their business goals, to one that guides clients surpass their business goals.

Memberships: NASSCOM member and ISO certifications

Strategic Marketing Services is an exclusive member of NASSCOM and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company in Quality Management System. We have achieved high level of competence in marketing outsourcing projects by executing numerous projects in India and US. Our array of services includes end-to-end digital marketing solutions, business-to-business data management, data security, data quality and delivery, web management services, CRM Software design and development, lead generation and content management.

We’d love to talk to you to see how we can assist you in creating your next success.

Leadership Team

SUBHAKAR RAO - Founder & Chairman

Subhakar Rao, visionary founder and chairman of the global conglomerate -- Champions Group, established Strategic Marketing Services in 1999 in an attempt to provide outstanding marketing solutions to businesses worldwide. Under his stellar leadership, the company that started with a handful of inspired individuals has now grown into a large establishment of 1500 employees. His unwavering focus on customers’ success and marketing strategies has helped Strategic Marketing Services become a renowned marketing outsourcing company.

MICHAEL LEANDER - President & CMO, Global Marketing Services

Michael Leander is a digital marketing leader and an award winning marketing speaker and trainer. He has held dynamic digital seminars in more than 40 countries and has consulted with many successful digital companies over the years. He currently serves as the VP of Marketing Services and CMO of Strategic Marketing Services. With deep domain expertise he brings over 20 years of experience in email marketing, permission marketing, event driven marketing, marketing automation, customer lifecycle marketing management, CRM, Lead Relationship Management, Internet Marketing, Acquisition and Retention Strategies.

Nataraj A - VP-Business Operations, Systems & Data

As the VP of Business Operations, Systems and Data, Mr.Nataraj is a technology professional and business visionary with hands-on experience in automating high-worth enterprises. His core expertise lies in developing robust IT architecture and infrastructure. In his role, he leveraged IT to solve business issues without escalating the cost or risks. He has provided strategic direction to senior management on technology deployment, and led ahead multiple teams like Marketing, Technical, Web Services, Customer Service and Software Development. He has over 15 years of extensive experience in Program Management, Data Centre Operations, and other IT related domains. As an effective leader, he’s extremely effective in mentoring team and leading them to attain business excellence.

SURESH THOMAS - General Manager, Marketing

Suresh Thomas is a key driver of strategic marketing plans and implementation of synchronized divisional delivery systems. With over 13 years of experience, he has facilitated in the execution of online marketing strategies for a variety of clients and directed teams to produce clear and differentiated campaigns involving various aspects of digital marketing. He oversees product management, market and customer research for business requirements, interaction with engineering for product development, pricing and lifecycle management.

Specialty teams

With a global presence, our specialized teams from different domains work in tandem to deliver projects in time and within your budget. Each of our nine teams provides high-quality solutions and knowledge to meet your go-to market needs.

Healthy Mix of Marketing Communications, Data, and Technology

Armed with accurate data, insights and analytics, you get a clearer picture of your market and audience. Besides, we have hundreds of marketing, data and technology experts who will help you leverage our assets.

We use insights gleaned from more than 25 different industries for developing tailor-made marketing programs. These insights help our clients quickly understand their markets and build better marketing programs.

Our teams relentlessly work on each project to:

  • (a) Identify the best marketing channel to work on
  • (b) Derive solutions based on priority tactics
  • (c) Provide the most cost-effective solution
  • (d) Measure, report and improve the process

Stakeholders love us for helping them understand their customers’ preferences, trends and tracking interactions over multiple channels.


Build Your Business on a Trusted Infrastructure

Strategic Marketing Services provides the entire gambit of digital marketing and data management solutions under one roof. With a basket of services, and experts from every marketing domain, we handle clients from IT, Healthcare, Manufacturing and 24 other industries.

Our Infrastructure & Technical Prowess

Our expertise in marketing and data:

  • Well experienced marketing, data and analysis team to handle heavy-duty marketing projects
  • Consultants for technical and marketing advice on American, European and Asia-Pacific markets
  • Capabilities to run email broadcasts, track results and tweak campaigns
  • Delivery team in three locations for optimal performance and support
  • High-end data centers to keep your sensitive data safe and secure through state-of-the-art servers
  • 24/7 exceptional support from our customer support crew

Industries We Serve

For more than 10 years, we’ve worked with clients from different industry verticals and from various geographies. As Strategic Marketing Services partner, we provide unique solutions based on the market and audience.

Our team members from multifarious backgrounds -- marketing, technology and data -- collaborate on each project to deliver customized solutions to our clients.

As a leader in intelligent data solutions, we recommend best data management practices and provide solutions that keep your marketing costs low.

For our clients, our intelligent data interpretations and multi-channel marketing effort PAYS OFF.

Performance Based Marketing

Paying for results isn’t new. But performance based marketing services outsourcing agreements are. And it makes a whole lot of sense.

Imagine you have access to a team of experts who can create marketing programs that harness multiple channels to your advantage. Yes, you can identify potent business opportunities without an in-house team.

Most marketers find it hard to hire, train, and manage marketing teams. A wise decision would be to hire a team of experienced marketers, and tap their collective knowledge and expertise.

Partnering with us means you get exposed to newer trends, insights, and use verified data to market to specific audience or personalize your campaigns.

Performance Based Marketing Services Outsourcing Model

Strategic Marketing Services have pioneered the Performance Based Marketing Services Outsourcing Model. The essence of the model is that you pay only for achieving results, and the set project criteria.

This is akin to IT outsourcing. This solution works better for you, as we take the responsibility of achieving your goals. Moreover, this model provides you with the unique opportunity to maximize your marketing investments.

You can read further to get a clear understanding of the model and learn if this model is for you. Or better yet - contact us today for a conversation with our representative.

Our twin capabilities

Strategic Marketing Services offers two types of performance based relationships, namely Marketing Campaign Services and Marketing Services Outsourcing.

Main difference between the two models:

Marketing Services Outsourcing Marketing Campaign Services
Get a dedicated team of experts to manage your project Team assistance till the tenure of the project
Goal based work methodology Payment based on marketing activity
Regular interaction with our team Interaction based on requirement
Minimum commitment of 18 months No defined commitment
Large team at your disposal Avail the services of respective experts

How Performance Model Works?

Before we start any performance based project, we access your requirement, study the market and derive a realistic marketing goal. After we outline your goal, we divide the work into different stages.

In our experience, we find marketing investments from USD 100,000 upwards as a good match. And businesses that get the most value from the performance model, spend in excess of USD 500,000 with us per year.